Oscarfly & Fabian Garayoa – Alcohol Abuse


Four tech-house tracks straight to the dance floor, each of them with their own personal style. An original mix with deep dark sounds and hypnotic delicate dashes. Lorenzo Navarro remix with a cheerful touch and a powerful bass-line. Oscarfly remix is dedicated 100% to his newly born son, Marco. this remix completely changes the style, sounding funky and happy, and finally Fabian Garayoa remix is an excellent version with a great groove that delivers sensuality and forcefulness in a perfect balance.

Supported by: Richie Hawtin, Timo Maas, Martin Eyerer, Claudio Coccoluto, Someone Else, Marko Nastic, Brothers Vibe, Toby Dreher, Samuel Dan, Sophie Nixdorf, Werner Niedermeier…

Booking Marcel Heese


Marcel Heese was born in 1983 in a small town near Berlin. At the tender age of 17, he accidentally encountered electronic dance music for the first time, after hearing sets from Love Parade on the radio. Instantly catching the bug, he started getting deeper into it week by week, soon leaving commercial sounds behind him.

In 2002 he visited Berlin techno mecca – Tresor – for the first time, where he was lucky enough to hear a dj set from Anthony Child aka Surgeon. Harsh, post-industrial techno left a huge impression on him, which fuelled an ongoing interest in the Birmingham sound that still lasts today.

In 2003 Marcel bought his first turntables and almost instantly started spending all his money on vinyl records. Being a diligent and careful listener, he soon discovered deeper sounds and got hooked on a variety of styles: Detroit, Chicago, Dub Techno, Ambient, Italo Disco, Noise, Industrial, Breakcore and Dubstep to name a few.

His first public gigs came in 2007. He quickly gained approval for his sets and as a result in April 2008 Marcel became part of the prestigious Tresor Headquarters team. Besides playing in Germany he has also visited some foreign countries like Spain, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Slovenia, Belgium, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland and Lithuania.

His main influences are Underground Resistance, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Downwards Records, early Warp Records (Artificial Intelligence), Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Nitzer Ebb, Basic Channel, Plastikman, Sähkö, Planetary Assault Systems, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Drexciya Trax Reords and Italo-Disco.

Marcels current sets are an amalgamation of all those but in spite of such diversity he manages to keep them smooth and congruent.

2013 will see the start of his own record label Finitude which will kick off with a release from PMH (P.E.A.R.L. & Marcel Heese). Together with Mario Berger he has done a remix for Alexander Kowalski that will be out on Damage Music Berlin. Right now he is working on various other projects and collaborations.

Oscarfly – Overgobern


Art in times of crisis meet their perfection at all times and circumstances, because it is clear that it is universal and Cosmic, planetary and human, being faithful witness of the era in which it takes place. Overgobern is the art and creativity above any law. Three tracks of joy, melancholy, techno and groove-Laden. End of the text, listen the careful sound mastered by Sergi Vila en Produccions el Garatge de Casa. Artwork designed by Quim.

Axel Karakasis – Junction


Remain LTD 52 presents another high-energy and fierce groove release by Axel Karakasis. Junction EP is ready to thrill and set you soaring! Pulling Punches is one wild party blaster, with dynamic rhythm and a mixture of relentless bassline and loops embedded in a background of haunting bell sounds and claps. This track is definitely second to none for one hell of a dancefloor workout! Junction is another high profile track with diverse, banging percussion throughout on a dark and twisted bassline, complete with a great set of samples and climaxing effects! A precious gem to own, and a definite ace for your playlist.

Booking De La Pierre


The real artists are born with an innate sensitivity that make them linking to a particular talent in a delicate and unique way. And this is the case of Pedro Ayesa more known in the world of music as De La Pierre (before Plastic0).

Since very young he has stood on other colleagues and friends, for his tremendous passion and perseverance for music and sport, being these two sheds his great enthusiasm in his life.

His favorite styles, where better unfolds behind the turntables are Techno, Dub Techno, Industrial, Drone, Experimental and Acid Techno and its most influential artists were Angel Molina, Luomo, Plastikman, 808 State, Jeff Mills, Maurizio, Octave One, Ungerdround Resistance…

His sets, usually dark, deep and with mental character, have a great personality and usually decorate with its vast library of loops, making a true interpretation of the deepest inside of his mind.

Clubs that he has been, leaving the public more than surprised:
· Zaragoza: Sol, Morrissey, Las Playas, Pequeño Café del Rock, Mythos
· Sevilla: Custom, Museo
· Santander: Heaven
· Barcelona: Boulevard (Appartment)

lso, has appeared on several radio stations: Original DJs (Mostoles), not Dance not Glory Show (Zaragoza), dune FM (Lanzarote), Kitikun Minimal (Japan), La Cotorra Electrónica (Alcaniz), radioactive DJ (Loca FM), Myster FM (Madrid), Radio Mexico international, Radio Monegros (5 Villas), Elektrokracia (Zaragoza), Maxima FM (La Noche de los Oyentes), Culture Club (Seville). Managing your own “Don’t Dance No Glory Show” program, era that remembers fondly, where he showed the last Techno news of the week.

His great love for music and the respect for the artists that he always tries to learn from them, made him become the promoter of events Tiempos Difíciles, where he conducted productions not only of electronic music, but also of other very different styles, like Pop, Rock, Folk, etc. doing several events with this promoter in Zaragoza. With Tiempos Difíciles he made events with this name and with Plastico & Friends and Morrinegros. He also collaborated as a DJ, producer and promoter in Solidarizarte, Festival del Agua and Zaragoza en Blanco.

The booking agency Bcnloud look on it and signed him to command the compnay. He has gotten that electronic music artists such as Axel Karakasis, Mathias Schaffäuser, Emerson Todd and promises more imminent as Micol Danieli, Mekas or Dema are today at the Agency, doing a job rather than exemplary.

The future looks more than promising for De La Pierre, since his club’s supporters and the media who ask for their work grows dramatically every year.

Vertical Series PodcastsVertical Series Podcasts

Ida Engberg presents Collage


Ida Engberg describes Collage like so, “Not many things in life beat the true experience of the perfect party. That definitive moment when location, music and people all come together in the same place to create that perfect shared experience. It’s about that vibe that can only exist when all those components work together in perfect harmony. For me, dj’ing is exactly the same, trying to re-create that experience time and again. Similarly, this compilation is all about that – bringing interesting elements together. I have invited producers that envoke that magic within me. They have all touched my soul. Great music is just like happiness, its only real when shared.” Ida Engbergs ‘Burn Out’ uses funky percussion to create an exceptional groove that is laced with synth sweeps before a detuned synth tunnels through the record. Fabio Alampi’s ‘Redkicks’ uses a groovy sub bass before introducing a monster stab sound that gives the track a unique character. Mark Fanciulli’s contribution ‘Back to Front’ incorporates vocal phrases and undertones of a melodic bass line to create a track that is functionally creative. Sinisa Tamamovic’s track ‘Big Night’ is functional and uses sporadic synths to create tension whilst the repetitive bass line carries the track through. Marco Effe’s ‘Underclock’ incorporates syncopated rhythms and sparse percussion to create a tripped out record. Philip Bader steps up to present his track, ‘Sky Walk’ that uses melodic bass pads and bleeps to create a shuffling rhythm. Emerson Todd’s input uses a heavy analogue sounding bass line and synth stabs to create a track to keep the masses moving. Animal Trainer have provided a record which, uses melodic rhythms to create a groovy track.


3º aniversario el row

Este Domingo se celebra el 3º aniversario de uno de los clubs más importantes actualmente en Europa y no estoy hablando de uno de Berlín, Frankfurt, París o Londres, sino el Row en Viladecans (Barcelona).
La temática del evento será México.  Oscarfly estará en Row Bar.




















2 de Junio, Inauguración Beats & Beach @TheSandSetProject (Playa de Castelldefels)


Inauguramos un nuevo espacio que tendrá lugar todos los domingos de verano en el recinto The Sandset Project, la nueva apuesta por la escena electrónica en Castelldefels que contará con la residencia de las fiestas Beats & Beach, la agencia BCNLoud y el colectivo Sunday Suckers serán los encargados de deleitarnos con los sonidos más frescos y novedosos de la música electrónica actual.

A lo largo de la temporada invitaremos a grandes colectivos de la escena electrónica, el dia 2 de Junio inaguramos con los colectivos:
La Orillita y Wireless Marionettes.

En The Sandset Project podréis participar de una serie de juegos y deportes de verano por equipos donde los participantes podrán interactuar, divertirse y competir por una serie de premios, así como disfrutar de un espacio único en Castelldefels.

Más de 800m2 dedicados al deporte, cultura y ocio.
Aparcamiento solidario de 40 vehículos los beneficios del cual irán destinados a entidades sin ánimo de lucro.
Pista de arena de playa polivalente (vóley playa, fútbol playa, Fut-Voley, tenis playa, etc.)
Actuaciones en directo.
Exposiciones culturales.
Zona de chill out.
Aseos de hombres y mujeres.
Servicio de alquiler de toallas.
Servicio de bar.

La entrada es gratuita.

Si te haces socio para toda la temporada abonando 15 euros (incluye pulsera de la temporada, 1 copa o 2 cervezas) tendrás la posibilidad de participar en las distintas promociones que realizarán las empresas colaboradoras de TheSandSetProject (regalos, promociones, descuentos, etc.)

Precios socio:

1 Copa / Cocktail 4eu

1 Cerveza /Refresco 1,5eu

TheSandSetProject (Passeig Maritim, 149 de Castelldefels)


10:00h – 12:00h Richie Cutanda (Sunday Suckers)

12:00h – 14:00h Danilax (BCNLoud)

14:00h – 16:00h Oscarfly (BCNLoud / Poco Label rec)

16:00h – 17:30h Jordi Ebank (Wireless Marionettes)

17:30h – 19:00h Helbert Venom (La Orillita collective)

19:00h – 21:00h Jordi Arago (Sunday Suckers)

D.A.S. Soundsystems

Dirección: Passeig Marítim/ Carrer Onze (Castelldefels)

Más info:




Nuevo EP de Micol Danieli – U1908


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/u1908-ep/1078116

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