Entrevista a Micol Danieli


SONORA DJ: ¿Qué te hizo llegar al mundo de la música en general? ¿Hubo un punto de inflexión, la inspiración de algún artista o grupo, un hecho clave?

MICOL DANIELI: La música siempre ha sido una gran pasión para mí, crecí escuchando todo tipo de géneros. De niña estudié piano y baile; bailé durante muchos años, así que por una razón u otra la música siempre ha estado presente en mi vida.
Sin duda gran parte se lo debo a Franceso Zappala y a René (Circoloco Dj), que fueron los primeros en empujarme a que mi hobbie se convirtiera en mi trabajo. También he contado con el apoyo de un productor y músico como Gabriele Carasco, que ha influído también en mi carrera. Digamos que sin ellos tres nunca habría comenzado esto.

SONORA DJ: Desde niña tocas el piano ¿Qué crees que te hizo elegir ese instrumento? ¿Te llevó de algún modo el piano a la producción de música electrónica?

MICOL DANIELI: Empecé a tocar el piano porque mi mejor amiga lo tocaba y yo también me quedé fascinada con él. El piano está presente en muchas de mis producciones. Mis temas Shibuya, Fable, Luckyboy y muchas producciones las he realizado con el teclado.

SONORA DJ: ¿Qué artistas te inspiran especialmente?

MICOL DANIELI: No hay un artista en particular que me inspira. Cuando estoy en el estudio me inspira el mundo de Ostgut, y en particular Function es sin duda mi productor favorito, junto con Edit Select.

SONORA DJ: ¿Qué tipo de discos llevas en tu maleta?

MICOL DANIELI: Dark Techno sobre todo, prefiero pistas oscuras y directas, pero algunas veces también me gusta pinchar cosas más melódicas.

SONORA DJ: Para un dj es importante la relación con la audiencia en el club o evento ¿Cómo tomas la temperatura de la gente durante las sesiones?

MICOL DANIELI: No hay trucos, creo que esto es algo que ocurre de forma natural en todos los DJs que están ante el público.

SONORA DJ: En SONORA nos interesa especialmente la producción de música electrónica ¿Tienes algún truco que consideras imprescindible para conseguir tu estilo de producción?

MICOL DANIELI: Utilizo máquinas analógicas que luego proceso a través del uso de software y plugins, manteniendo siempre el “calor” del sonido analógico.

SONORA DJ: ¿Sientes en el público que estamos ya completamente globalizados, o encuentras diferencias entre el aforo de diferentes países?

MICOL DANIELI: Por supuesto que no, de hecho me he dado cuenta de que diferentes audiencias de diferentes países prefieren estilos distintos dentro de un mismo género. Nunca podría decir que la escena techno de Berlín es igual a la italiana o a la española. Tampoco he podido comparar esto en los países europeos del Este con respecto a Europa Occidental, América del Sur, o Estados Unidos.

Creators & Machines vol. 1


Creators & Machines vol. 1 es la última compilación de MB Elektronics y este manifiesto es, obviamente, compartida por la mente de Marco Bailey. En cuanto a la variedad de estilos y ritmos, es todo acerca de Techno debido a la calidad de cada production. Está prácticamente orientado al sonido de club, la mayoría de los temas tienen un ritmo sólido detrás de ellos. Desde Marco Bailey a Tom Hades y desde MiniCoolBoyz a Filterheadz, esta compilación cuenta la diversidad de MB Elektronics.

El recopilatorio incluye el track de Dema “Autosave”.

Booking Tim Xavier

Tim Xavier

Tim Xavier’s passion for music has kept him on the forefront of techno since his innovative releases on Blueline in Chicago a decade ago. His career began in Houston in the 90s, and then on to Chicago, Brooklyn and now Berlin, where he has resided since 2007. He is a veteran to the industry; and his dark, edgy production style has remained uncompromised through the ever changing genres of techno and house. He is also the owner and chief engineer at Manmade Mastering in Berlin; and this sleepy-eyed coffee addict defines cool as he cuts master plates for many respected record labels.

Tim’s music has been charted and played by leading artists around the world, and he has worked with many labels such as Cocoon, Minus, Sci-Tec, Podium, Timefog, Little Helpers, Sleaze, Droid Behavior and many more. He is also the owner of his own imprint, LTD400, which encompasses his irresistible combination of quirk, funk, space and drive. Tim spray-paints his signature icon on 400 sleeves of each release, a process that he says connects him more closely to his music and audience. He also works with partner Camea on her imprint Clink Recordings, with Tony Rohr as the ‘Afternoon Coffee Boys’.

On Stage, Tim’s current performances include a mixture of DJing, Live and Effects manipulation, carrying out his visionas he sees fit. He creates a unique experience with his maximal sound quality and music selection, in which he combines loops and pieces from his own production. He is regularly on tour and performing across the globe, capturing his audiences with his signature sound. Tim’s relentless devotion to providing cutting edge audio continues to keep him on the forefront of innovative dance music, and as he continues to grow it is apparent that we have still yet to see the best of his work.

Mekas – Salvador

Mekas - Salvador

Really happy about this! Mekas “Salvador” (Inc. Jeroen Search remixes) repress, now available on Decks again, also on Clone, Deejay, Juno, technique (Japan), and Jet Set (Japan).

Already supported and played by: Ben Klock, Samuli Kemppi, DVS1, DJ Deep, Dj Rolando, Ben Sims, Kereni, UZB, Seph, Markus Suckut, Will Azada, Jonas Kopp, ROD, Unbalance, Developer, Pablo Denegri, Mattias Fridell, Patrick Krieger, Rebekah, Felix Lorusso, George Paar, Donor, Eric Cloutier, Miss Sunshine, Ixel, Viktoria Rebekah, Scalameriya, and more.

Grab your copy! Woods N Bass LTD


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Booking Mathias Schaffhäuser


In cooperation with Pearls Booking.


Mathias Schaffhäuser’s around in the techno, house and minimal scene since 1994. Past releases of Mathias appeared on WIR Recordings, Lebensfreude, Adjunct, Resopal Red, Force Inc., Multicolor, Definitive Records (house sub-label of Plus-8), Blaou Sounds, Frisbee Tracks and many others. In 1997 he started his own record label WARE which released 95 EPs until now (as of April 2013).


2001 saw his club hit “Hey Little Girl”, 2002 “Musik ohne Bass” entered the clubs (Force Inc.). In April 2005 he released his album “Coincidance” (Ware CD 14/Ware 52). The title track was remixed by Trentemöller and by Dapayk (Mo’s Ferry Productions, Dapayk & Padberg/Ware 54). December 2005 saw his 12″ “Lost Vox” with a remix by Pan-Pot, in febuary 2006 the next remix 12″ “more alternatives” was released with a mix by Audio Werner.

On the 11. of Febuary 2008 the jubilee EP “10 Jahre Ware” / “10 Years Of Ware” appeared on the scene with 2 epic tracks, one by Ziggy Kinder and the other by Mathias. Both tracks reflect the Ware history by using samples of the the label’s past 10 years + fit them together with new + unique ideas to 2 new exciting monster tunes.

Mathias has produced remixes for Steve Bug („Lover Boy“, Poker Flat Rec.), Luomo („Tessio“, Force Tracks/Force Inc.), Faust („T-Èlectronique“, Klangbad Rec.), Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras („You Laugh At My Face“, Ware Rec.), Leigh Morgan („Play Misty To Me“, Noice Rec.), Misc. („The Magic Number“, Sender Rec.), [A]pendics.Shuffle („No Reductions“, Adjunct Rec.), Goldfrapp („Twist“, Mute Rec.), J.C.A. („I Begin To Wonder“, Deep Cukture), Northern Lite („Trusting Blind“, 1st decade Rec.) and many many more.


In 2011 Mr. Schaffhäuser looks back on a veritable live tour which led him to Buenos Aires, Rostock, Singapore, Offenbach and Trieste. What combines these illustrous places, you may ask? Everywhere was absolutely super cool! Schaffhäuser’s set kept throwing audiences off the curve. I mean, who squeezes minimal sounds, spontaneous vocal performances, crude cover versions and melodica solos into a one-hour set, without constantly staring at a computer screen? But, from nothing nothing comes. Even before 1993 (does anyone remember this?) Schaffhäuser sang and played guitar in several bands, so he knows how to rock the house. And that works even better with a big enough stage and wireless microphones! Though another fine house track is never far, after all, Schaffhäuser wouldn’t neglect his traditional Ware style, no matter how much he rocks.


Schaffhäuser’s motto at the turntables is: Purism sucks! The quality of the music is what’s important, not sheer functionality and a perfect mix. That is: at times his sets can be rather varied from Ware-style music, dirty + dark house, thumping techno and sexy booty house. And more and more often Schaffhäuser uses his microphone and croons some evergreens to his records.

Live album: www.ware-net.de/inconcert

Booking Mekas

Booking Mekas

Juan Tomás Roselló started off his techno career working with Pablo Denegri, Enrique Casal a.k.a. Qik and Milena Pafundi on the audiovisual experiment TEKHNE, performing his live act in various clubs and events in Buenos Aires.

Since his debut the “Luciernagas” EP in 2007 on Igloo-rec he has released and collaborated with labels like Wall Music, Woods N Bass, Cirque Du Minimaliste, Genesa Records, Par Rec, Labrynth, and Silent Steps among others. His latest tracks has been played and supported by Rebekah, Terrence Fixmer, Monoloc, Torsten Kanzler, Donor, Jeroen Search, Dj Emerson, Samuli Kemppi, Mikael Jonasson, Mike Wall, and more.

He has performed his live set in various clubs, festivals and diverse stages of Buenos Aires such as Cocoliche, Bahrein, Airdrop, Levitar, Ups, We Float, One Dot Zero Festival, Fuga Oceanica, Dark Side of Techno, Panoramica, Nitro, Green Submarine, Die Vögel, Groovies (Neuquen), Techno Kosmiks (Mendoza) and more.

The CD release of his “Chakal” album with Pablo Denegri made 2011 an exciting year of his career, in which he also made his Live debut in Sao Pablo (Tapas Club), Berlin (Mbia) and Hamburg (Plux). During 2012 Mekas has played in Mbia Club (Berlin), Morlox (Berlin), Kater Holzig (Berlin), Raw Temple (Berlin), Foundreau (Hamburg), Rote Flora (Hamburg), Touch Club (Köln), Arma 17 (Moscow), Ohm10 (Berne-Bienne / Switzerland), Trolleybus (Marseille / France), CLFT – Techno Dubitative (Lyon), Faktura (Odessa / Ukraine), Orbita (Medellin / Colombia).

Today he is focusin on Aula Magna Records, the label he has created with Seph, Pablo Denegri and Qik which will feature their own techno sound. Also developing his live act, working on his tracks and remixes for future releases.

ARMA PODCAST 066: Mekas – live @ Casino

Selected discography of Mekas Releases

– Mekas – Luciernagas / Minirocke and Shadi Megalla remix – MP3 [Igloo-Net] – Mekas – Handsaw / Shadi Megallaa and Papol remix – MP3 [Igloo-rec]
– Mekas & Pablo Denegri – Chakal – CD/MP3 [Igloo-rec]
– Mekas & Pablo Denegri – Chakal Remixed / V.A.- MP3 [Igloo-rec]

– Mekas – Rain Cover – 12″/MP3 [Der Hut]
– Mekas – Fuente – MP3 [Black Place]
– Mekas & Sebastian cohen – Log Lady / Qik and H. Yokoyama rmx – MP3 [Monocline] – Mekas – Heros – MP3 [Divided]
– Mekas – Rain Cover Remixes – 12″/MP3 [Der Hut]
– Mekas & Scalameriya – Black Out – MP3 [Genesa]
– Mekas & Scalameriya – Dubroom – MP3 [Labrynth]
– Mekas – Soler / Donor & Lega rmx – MP3 [Miniscule]
– Mekas – Hamburgo / Mattias Fridell and Patrick Krieger remix – MP3 [Par Rec]
– Mekas – Rote Flora / Felix Lorusso & Jeff Rushin remix MP3 [Cirque Du Minimaliste] – Mekas – Salvador / Jeroen Search remix – 12″ [Woods N Bass Ltd]

Tracks on

– Inminente – V/A Nueva ola – MP3 [Igloo-rec]
– Gunship – V/A 011b – MP3 [Minsucule]
– La Dificultad Inicial – V/A HELP – MP3 [Esperanza]
– Gunship/Dialogue – Mekas / julie amadeo (Lega remix) MP3 [Miniscule] – Kooskosh – Dintun feat. Mekas – Elwood – MP3 [Little Bus]
– Tormenta – Mekas & Pablo Denegri / VA – MP3 [Miniscule]
– Jupiter / Amazonia – Pablo Denegri Feat. Mekas – MP3 [Unfound Sound] – Mekas – “Raiz” V/A 01 – 12″/MP3 [Aula Magna Records]
– Mekas – Hummus – V/A Compilation – MP3 [Wall Music]


– Gabriel Ferreira – Salmonella (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Miniatura]
– Lega – My Little World (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Miniscule]
– Scalameriya – Desertum (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Genesa]
– Minorscene – 15 Cristais (Mekas Dub rmx) MP3 [Little Bus]
– Maxeem – Small Time Crooks (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Dual Musik] – Ducerey ada Nexino – 004_soupPt2 (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Genesa] – H&S – Fonccia (Mekas remix) MP3 [Woods & Bass]

– Eda – Show me…(Mekas & Pablo Dengri rmx) MP3 [Genesa]
– Egon Orange – Aloe vera vs. Zansibar (Mekas rmx) MP3 [igloo-rec]
– Mike Wall – Forms of dusk (Mekas rmx) 12″/MP3 [Der Hut]
– Eda & H&S – Run it (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Early Dub]
– Tiari – Something changed (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Divided]
– Splatter & Coe Ter – Sharon (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Frucht]
– George Paar – Azul Celeste (Mekas rmx) 12″/MP3 [Par Wax]
– Lega (Feat. Julie Amadeo) – Dr. Specter (Mekas & Pablo Denegri rmx) CD/MP3 [Igloo-Pop] – Wahrlich & Carbon – Stilblüte (Mekas Remix) MP3 [Der Traegerlose Hut]
– The Noisemaker – Hato (Mekas rmx) MP3 [Silent Steps]
– Tiari – Watching Us (Mekas rmx) 12″/MP3 [Cirque Du Minimaliste]
– Splatter – Rotten Days (Mekas Remix) – MP3 [Kaputt]
– Bageera – Pandamonium (Mekas Remix) MP3 [Freitag LTD]
– Ixel – Plekta (Mekas remix) MP3 [Genesa]
– Merino – Retina (Mekas remix) MP3 [Woods N Bass]
– Remotion & Andy Miller – Diagonal (Mekas Remix) MP3 [illegal alien records]
– Forest People – Hosen (Mekas remix) MP3 [favor.]


Live PA – Woods N Bass Podcast 011 / 2010 Live PA – Monocline Podcast 006 / 2011 Live PA – Untold Sequence Podcast / 2012 Live PA – CLFT Podcast 044 / 2012

Live PA – Mixtura Podcast September / 2012 Live PA – Freitag Recordings – podmatic / 2012 Live PA – Arma17 Podcast 066 / 2013

Booking Micol Danieli


Micol Danieli born in Rome in the late 80s, soon firmly establishes herself as a new talent of techno music. 
Always curious about different music genres she begins as a child to study the piano and to listen to different bands and artists. 

Her career as a DJ begins when she meets Renè from Circoloco DC10, he teaches her how to spin records and introduces her to the music scene. Three years ago Renè introduces her to Gabriel Carasco, DJ/PRODUCER & Sound Engineer who teaches Micol how to produce music and introduces her to all the production world and business. 
Her first release “under the boo tree” hits immediatly the top techno charts on beatport, one of the two tracks included in the EP “Shibuya” is used as soundtrack at Milan fashion week in 2012 by the famous fashion brand “Anteprima”. 

Today she currently works at Mastering Unlimeted Studio in Rome/Zurich/Berlin.
What we can say about her products is that they always find an explosion of new sounds with the concept of techno taken with extreme care. With an eye to the future and an ear to the past for the most demanding dancefloor, but always with the old-school taste.

Booking Emerson Todd


Stretching back much further than his first visit to a night club, Emerson Todd’s musical heritage comes from a very, very early age. Growing up and going to festivals as a child and being named after a prog rock band, did he ever really stand a chance?

With a family-owned record shop thrown into the mix, he was soon collecting music before he even knew about djing.. He first learnt the art of music selection when the tapes or 12″s ran their course at family parties. It was a young Mr Todd that would change the music and with that came his first experience of learning how to keep a party going.

Since then his musical journey has followed a geographical one, while moving from New Zealand to Australia, London and now Berlin. Emerson has graced such labels as Saved Records, Upon You, One Records, Cocoon, Get Physical, Apparel Music, Souvenir Music and My Favourite Robot; a diverse selection of labels for an artists whose inspirations and sets come from an equally diverse background.

After several years of building his reputation as a professional dj in New Zealand, it wasn’t long before he had established himself as one of the country’s top DJ’s, balancing national tours with monthly gigs in Australia. Then in 1998 he met Christiaan?? Ercolano and formed House of Downtown. This quickly gathered an impressive following with the  success of their weekly radio show and their debut single ‘Up For the One’, which was supported by the likes of Derrick May.

The pair were soon snapped up by Universal Music, who offered them their own label to run and release on. Subsequently, they produced two full-length albums. During this time, they also produced the complete movie score for UK Company Film Four (of ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ fame) for the movie ‘Stickmen’.

Emerson moved from New Zealand to Sydney Australia where he began working fulltime as an audio engineer. His skills were duly sort after(what does duly mean??), and he went on to engineer some of the country’s most well-known acts including The Sleepy Jackson, Teenager, Pnau, and festival headliners, The Presets.

Not only were his talents behind the desk gaining recognition, but also behind the decks. Becoming a regular fixture at Sydney’s leading techno nights led to an increase of Emerson’s bookings around Australia. But it was with the release of the bass-heavy Rumplestiltskin that really put Emerson back in the spotlight. Big, tight and bouncy; it was instantly picked up by Claude VonStroke for Dirtybird.

As the gigs and productions followed, it was not long before it was time for Emerson to make the leave from the antipodes and throw himself into the thick of the action. 2009 saw him make the move to London. This almost instantly paid off, as just a couple of months after, his first EP for Get Physical was signed.

Now based in Berlin, Emerson has found his grounding and established himself as a forward thinking producer and dj. His releases are wide-ranging and always innovative as are his Dj sets which have been heard in clubs all over the world.

Poco Label new Release – Oscarfly – Muscle Car


Fotos de la fiesta presentación de la nueva release del sello Poco Label: Muscle Car

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Flyer Cosmic

Este año es uno de los más importantes…este año, los espejos se reflejan hacia el infinito conectándonos con nuestra Memoria Cósmica. Durante todo el año, estaremos siendo partícipes de la apertura de los Portales Cósmicos que las altas vibraciones de la Galaxia impulsan a iluminar.

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