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The real artists are born with an innate sensitivity that make them linking to a particular talent in a delicate and unique way. And this is the case of Pedro Ayesa more known in the world of music as De La Pierre (before Plastic0).

Since very young he has stood on other colleagues and friends, for his tremendous passion and perseverance for music and sport, being these two sheds his great enthusiasm in his life.

His favorite styles, where better unfolds behind the turntables are Techno, Dub Techno, Industrial, Drone, Experimental and Acid Techno and its most influential artists were Angel Molina, Luomo, Plastikman, 808 State, Jeff Mills, Maurizio, Octave One, Ungerdround Resistance…

His sets, usually dark, deep and with mental character, have a great personality and usually decorate with its vast library of loops, making a true interpretation of the deepest inside of his mind.

Clubs that he has been, leaving the public more than surprised:
· Zaragoza: Sol, Morrissey, Las Playas, Pequeño Café del Rock, Mythos
· Sevilla: Custom, Museo
· Santander: Heaven
· Barcelona: Boulevard (Appartment)

lso, has appeared on several radio stations: Original DJs (Mostoles), not Dance not Glory Show (Zaragoza), dune FM (Lanzarote), Kitikun Minimal (Japan), La Cotorra Electrónica (Alcaniz), radioactive DJ (Loca FM), Myster FM (Madrid), Radio Mexico international, Radio Monegros (5 Villas), Elektrokracia (Zaragoza), Maxima FM (La Noche de los Oyentes), Culture Club (Seville). Managing your own “Don’t Dance No Glory Show” program, era that remembers fondly, where he showed the last Techno news of the week.

His great love for music and the respect for the artists that he always tries to learn from them, made him become the promoter of events Tiempos Difíciles, where he conducted productions not only of electronic music, but also of other very different styles, like Pop, Rock, Folk, etc. doing several events with this promoter in Zaragoza. With Tiempos Difíciles he made events with this name and with Plastico & Friends and Morrinegros. He also collaborated as a DJ, producer and promoter in Solidarizarte, Festival del Agua and Zaragoza en Blanco.

The booking agency Bcnloud look on it and signed him to command the compnay. He has gotten that electronic music artists such as Axel Karakasis, Mathias Schaffäuser, Emerson Todd and promises more imminent as Micol Danieli, Mekas or Dema are today at the Agency, doing a job rather than exemplary.

The future looks more than promising for De La Pierre, since his club’s supporters and the media who ask for their work grows dramatically every year.

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