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Agency / Booking artists

Bcnloud is, first and foremost, an agency of hiring of artists, notably electronic music DJs. The common line of all artists within the agency roster is a solid electronic avant-garde, usually classified in the category of Techno, away from shamelessly commercial stereotypes and with a considerable qualitative level.

In addition to the roster of Bcnloud artists, others could get thanks to the close collaboration that exists with other international agencies.

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Promoter / Events

Bcnloud in addition to manage the managment of artists, organize events in Barcelona, a city where it have its base station.

In the week of the 2011 Sonar (Sonar Off), entirely organized one of the most important events of the day: DeLoud. He also participated in the production of one of the main events of the order of the day, Utopia in Ghoa Beach Club.

Bcnloud takes care not only of loose events, also organize one day at month events in Sandset Project in Castelldefels beach.

In addition to these events, she has collaborated with other special events, such as the Party on the beach at night of Sant Joan, Desigual brand models desfile, PulseWith Club in Row, etc.

Labels / Vynil & digital

Bcnloud manages the labels Poco and Naranja.

Poco is a label edited on vinyl and digital and distributed into the main physical stores by Vinyl Distribution. Their releases are works of Oscarfly and Zippitcher and it has counted with the collaboration of Mihalis Safras, Someone Else, Siopis and Yostek.

Naranja public only in digital, with Oscarfly, Tony Verdi and Sutja as artists. Both labels are distributed in the main digital portals by EPM.

Nuevas Tendencias Música Sí

Behind Bcnloud is Nuevas Tendencias Música Sí. An association designed to promote musical movements of the first order. Before creating Bcnloud, numerous projects belonged to the Association: Poco, ColorsOpenLabel, Contradiction, Naranja... Eventually, the evolution, the maturity of the Association and the incorporation of new members was created Bcnloud. The latest addition is Peter, which already has extensive experience of manager of different artists and bands of different musical styles.

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